Friday, February 7, 2014

Nation, the good and the bad

When time started, the man was free soul, all alone in the wild. With the ascending ages, when this species of man debated the fear of all possible negative impacts on him and his life, he decided to form groups, which constituted to villages, with a leader who was either by force or by respect, or by common rituals and belief, or by social harmony.  In our conquest to imagine the far good historical lives of our ancestors, we discover a nation was accountable to few hundreds, may be thousands of villages and a handful of cities, with a major capital, where the King would reside. To be unbiased this was a system for not just a century, it prevailed through ages. The King and his chosen ones would decide what, where, and when to do?  This was no concern to the commons, until the King would interfere in their personal business. Some places still exists where the King is still worshiped. Rolling the pages of the written history and the debated history we find barbarians, humanitarians, and till the Renaissance of Europe, where this myth breaking revolution started, be it about fallacy in the name of God or the King. Justified as it was because every human soul has it's right, left after whatever has been decided by God.

 Rousseau said it "Man was born free and he is everywhere in chains". A revolution started to end the tyranny on the basis of fallacy. Yes, a good one, it brought progress world wide as we see today. But, no great success comes without pain which is extreme to unimaginable. Great views are never welcomed so easily. Laid millions unaccountable for the sake of this revolution. Went  millions unsung in the book of time.

What we present day common do is go by the book and forget that like our whole life that we have been through, our history is same both good and bad, or far more than that. To, be realistic this world feeds on both good and bad. You do the good for the good and bad for the greater good (as per your belief), as for an atheist, even he believes in humanity. There is always a thin line between good and bad. Just a simple example - These days I am going through Driving classes, advised to be on my right side * condition applied, so does come every book on religion, every book on unbiased ethics. The problem arises when we keep searching for a straight forward solution. God himself never created something straight forward. He himself is the lord of both good and bad. He never created a system we rely on and never guaranteed it's success. If a person starts believing all good and no bad, then he/she should have had one eye, one hand, one leg, and that will not be the path to progress for sure. Human mind is unfathomable, just look back into our own righteous past, I have never been so righteous, but i was just to every decision i made, considering my environment, applied the good and bad (greater good), so do everyone of yours', and did so Jean-Jacques Rousseau, when he busted the bad disguised good prevailed in his time whether in the name of God, King, and the good. When we have a thin line between good and bad, now we still have a limit on both sides. To build a nation we have to put it's base on both good and bad, we need to accept the fact. If something is not that good, we need to see both ways and make it seem good. But, here our ability to judge things fail, we never compare our lives in an unbiased way. We see the bad and try to criticize and make it good, but we ignore our own bad habits. In the end, in our pursuit for good we end up with damages. Human life itself teaches so much, but still we need references, and whoever got references ignore their own life experiences.
Present day, people demands unconditional security for anything. Nature's own law to be abolished, demanding a heaven on earth.  Some nations have accepted it, but to fail. Here, I am not supporting the conservative world, nor the most developed one. Truth itself never is good or bad, nor ugly or beautiful, it's totality comes  in it's acceptance.

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