Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Age of Hypermedia

With the growing technology, within two decades, the face of the world has changed. The mode of communication had the most drastic changes encountered, then any other sector. At present, when we talk about hypermedia, it is a term in information technology, patented by innovators to a logical extension of the term hypertext in which graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks intertwine to create a generally non-linear medium of information (this is all the Wikipedia starts for Hypermedia).

But, here I would like to talk about an abstract form of the term Hypermedia. Starting with the days, when newspapers started flowing throughout the world, with single TV channel, or even a few, where an orator used to read up the daily important news, and the same channel would pipe shows, soaps, and create awareness, this wasn't the birth of media, this was when media was there, at it's best, and that's not now, Why? Don't get confused. PLEASE!

Let me jump to Hypermedia (this was abrupt). Two words Hyper and Media. I cited my opinion above, regarding Media. Now, what the word Hyper means? Searched in Google, its says- Having a very excitable or nervous temperament; high-strung, Emotionally stimulated or overexcited, Overactive; Overexcited. So, my abstract definition for Hypermedia is to transmit messages so as to excite the common, in  mass.

Here a Common is assumed to be a person, who is reserved to his lack of good decision making, lack of interaction to outside world, talks about corruption, but somewhere, somehow gets corrupted by environment (excluding human inclusively), a common lacks of almost everything. A common never like diplomatic decisions, he has no idea of greater good, hard work is acceptable; but limits on sacrifices.

When we sum up the combo of Hypermedia to Common, to be frank that's doomed development. A disaster in itself. If we look on to the dominated Media of the People's Republic of China, may be that's too harsh, and as it should be to control the world's largest population, but when we turn our head to the West (where everyone is believed to be, not just Common), media is sometime kept out of lots of controversial stuff (whether it be a shooting spree, or bombing places, information for media and by media is reserved). Hypermedia is just like trying teach some real chemistry to a bunch of philosopher, they will just nod their heads, and by the end; all messed up. Information should be be better served raw, uncooked, and avoided if it's indigestible, that might end up with a bad tummy. This includes biased news, which counts to Hypermedia as well.

Believe me, i have seen protest where the media shows people in numbers protesting, these are a crowd of a few dozen individuals paid for the day, taken up to various places rearranged in front of camera (so they don't look the same), and then the media takes on and publishes the news. I hail from a volatile region, and I would like to say all credit goes to Hypermedia. My region is still there safe and sound, my neighbors sleep peacefully like anyone. There is a limit to everything, else this place would have been heaven, and we all dead. I am alive better.

We talk about safe place, compare nations, region, when the fight should be within ourselves, to achieve, make things right, or make things seem to be right, realizing that there is no much right.

Everything is all OK, if things go good. But, for a greater good, hypermedia should be curbed.

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