Sunday, October 25, 2009

It is of no concern to me to where and to which country, a part of land belongs to if humanity,peace and happiness exist in that part.
But,since time begun,and human race realized things,a battle was always there for the sake of land and this battle whether verbally or practically still exists.

Here i am pointing the cold debate had been always there since 1962 after INDO-CHINESE WAR,where Chinese troops infiltrated into the whole north-eastern INDIA . And in this modern era when CHINA needs a lot of resources to feed the millions,it has debate from a new beginning claiming ARUNACHAL PRADESH.

The Chinese have two major claims on what India deems its own territory. One is the western sector, is on Aksai Chin in the northeastern section of Ladakh District in Jammu and Kashmir. The other claim is in the eastern sector over a region included in the British-designated North-East Frontier Agency, the disputed part of which India renamed Arunachal Pradesh and made a state. In the fight over these areas, the well-trained and well-armed troops of the Chinese People's Liberation Army overpowered the ill-equipped Indian troops, who had not been properly acclimatized to fighting at high altitudes.

In this cyber era,Indian states like ARUNACHAL PRADESH has just started paining the nerves of the government.But,still as a brief description about the state,Arunachal Pradesh borders with the Indian state of Assam to the south and Nagaland to the southeast. Burma/Myanmar lies towards the east, Bhutan towards the west, and its boundary with the People's Republic of China to the north is disputed and the McMahon Line is not recognized by the Chinese authorities. Itanagar is the capital of the state. Although Arunachal Pradesh is administered as an Indian State, the People's Republic of China (China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan) claim portions of the state as South Tibet.The NEFA (North East Frontier Agency) was created in 1954. The issue was quiet during the next decade or so of cordial Sino-Indian relations, but erupted again during the Sino-Indian War of 1962. The cause of the escalation into war is still disputed by both Chinese and Indian sources. During the war in 1962, the PRC captured most of the NEFA. However, China soon declared victory and voluntarily withdrew back to the McMahon Line and returned Indian prisoners of war in 1963. It was the Chinese who did not advance farther and on November 21 declared a unilateral cease-fire. They had accomplished all of their territorial objectives, and any attempt to press farther into the plains of Assam would have stretched their logistical capabilities and their lines of communication to a breaking point. By the time the fighting stopped, each side had lost 500 troops.

India has a lot of it's territorial part under the possession of it's neighbor-PAKISTAN & CHINA.It tolls to 781140 sq km under PoK and 5180 sq km handed over to CHINA by Po K and 37555 sq km under China's possession.This is what on papers and under the same comes high altitude areas of ARUNACHAL.

Debate will be there over the topic and if it becomes inevitable possibly war will be there.No one,knows what will be the fate of this tribal state.People there are in no good condition (except government making some development in the recent post debate period) and things are uncertain to them even if CHINA wins it's claim over the remote-state;but one thing for sure to the state and it's dwellers is that for the time being they are just the rope used in tag of war .No one knows the complete truth,and even if one does he helds no honor to judge the fate of ARUNACHAL.

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